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Advanced equipment to promote production capacity



At the beginning of January 2017, the AZROAD technology co., LTD in order to expand the company's business, better adapt to the development of The Times and ZhanGuan market development trend of the future, increase the company's operating income, strengthen the competitiveness of the company in the field of network communication, enhance the company's brand status.

Forward-looking strategic decision on the board, the AZROA introduced a new module placement machine production, increase the professional, automation and standardization production line, 3 times every extend our capacity, month end production capacity of 150 w, improve the delivery ability.

These measures make the original manufacturing ability as the tiger, in the competition in the industry to stand out, more domestic and foreign customers come to our company to inspect, negotiate cooperation matters.

AZROAD, already in the market tide that the hundred boats contend for flow, take the wind to break the wave, set sail.




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