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Never stop, surpass yourself


Never stop, surpass yourself

“Best year in spring,best day in morning.”

Warm spring, everything in green spring clothing.On the Lantern Festival, the AZROAD Techenology CO.,LTD organized a mountaineering event in Lantau Peak, and took the theme of "never stop, surpass yourself".This activity improved the staff's physical quality, enhanced the sense of collective honor and team cohesion, and created a healthy and upward cultural atmosphere.

Facing the sun, carrying bags, stepping on the stone staircase, we were scrambling to start from the starting point.Lantau Peak is 376 meters above sea level. The mountaineering activity was not only a contest of physical strength, but also a test of perseverance.

With the leadership of the company, we climbed bravely.

We climbed up the stone paved road, shuttled in the lush trees, enjoyed the warm spring breeze, heard the birds chirping, we saw a beauty world.The green trees spit out the buds, and the green leaves showed their vigor in the sunlight.

The higher the mountain, the steeper the road, and when we reached the top of the mountain, a cool breeze came on  and it was very refreshing and comfortable.Looking at the view, we were deeply intoxicated by the beauty of the landscape. The houses under the mountain were looking like sugar cubes, the mountains nestled against the water, and the water reflects the mountains, giving us a glimpse of the majestic landscape of the mountains.

In the process of climbing the mountain, we could not only enjoy the unique scenery, but also feel the warmth of each other, and finally get to the top of the mountain.The happy laughter filled the whole journey, the smiling face of blooming to us to explain happiness.

Think back on the way, how many people wanted to give up,later also overcome, with one of their own tenacity, and the spirit of not rest, finall ,we did it!

The highest mountain is not the peak, but ourselves,we challenge not nature, but inertia!The mountaineering spirited of the company's colleagues in the mountaineering contest would be an inexhaustible driving force for the development of our enterprise,as long as the high mountains are in, the AZROAD family will never stop climbing!We believe that the AZROAD will have a better tomorrow!


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