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Address: B2 Building,No.14 Jianan Road,Tangwei village Fuyong Town,Bao’an District,ShenZhen,China.
Tel: +86-755-27568860 (control), 2756886227568865
Fax: +86-755-27568200

Taiwan Branch Office

Address : 14F., No. 8, Section 5, Xinyi Road, Xinyi District, Taipei

Tel.: +886 2 8758 2385

Email : sales@azroad.com

The bus arrived at the station: Taifeng Industrial Park, astec plant (M236- walk 178 meters (M341-) oudake station walk 271 meters), Zhongfu station (781- walk 379 meters), Emerson Simon (b788, m252, m331- walk 485 meters), Huaide Chui sea (m237, m252- walk 493 meters), venture industrial Park (653- walk 612 meters), Mei Xiang Shun (639- walk 680 meters, is high (b716-), walk 932 meters), the factory (Foxconn) (651, m251, m292284 bus, walk 1.2 kilometers)
Car navigation: Jian Huaide apartment, No. 14 Fuyong Road (century origin)
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