The V800 is a high-speed VDSL. It provides sufficient bandwidth for high performance connection to the Internet. It has Web-based graphic user interface (GUI), in which you can easily modify the settings and connect to your ISP. It also provides flow statistics, connection status, and other detailed information. The V800WL is easily upgraded and provides terminal users and ISP with the guarantee of future.

    The V800 provides one xDSL 17a interface, four FE LAN, one GE WAN, two USB host 2.0 interface and 2.4G internal WIFI antennas. The Ethernet and WIFI are used for connecting to computers, through which you can access the Internet. The WIFI interface support 802.11n 2.4GHz band. It is an ideal broadband CPE solution for both home users who wish to share high-speed Internet access and small offices that wish to do business on the Internet.


l  Network online gaming

l  High Internet access sharing

l  High rate broadband sharing

l  Small enterprises application

l  Home networking application

ADSL / VDSL连接路由器



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0755 - 27568860

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我们有3个可用的下载服务器 - 全球和中国。除了连接速度,无论你在哪里下载,每台服务器提供了相同的内容。除此之外,我们还提供Akamai下载管理器(DLM)和BT种子(P2P)供下载

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有3个可用的下载服务器 - 全球和中国。除了连接速度,无论你在哪里下载,每台服务器提供了相同的内容。除此之外,我们还提供Akamai下载管理器(DLM)和BT种子(P2P)供下载


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